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CCTV Monitoring

Our BS 8418 accredited Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) monitors CCTV 24…

Intruder & Fire Monitoring

Our BS 5979 (Cat II) Alarm Receiving Centre is capable of monitoring…

Remote Access Control

Using DMS for remote access control means that you or your customer…

Construction Site Monitoring

DMS can provide bespoke monitoring solutions to CCTV and intruder alarm companies,…

Void Property Monitoring

Void property protection can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to…

Cloud Based Image Capture

DMS offers via FTP, cloud storage for time lapse cameras. If you install Time Lapse Cameras on any…
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What Our Customers Say

“Operators are always polite and friendly and are more than happy to help when they can.”

Debbie – Void Property Contracts Co-ordinator

“I was very impressed with how DMS operators dealt with our incident. It’s normally very difficult to coordinate activities whilst mobilising a team to respond but DMS was a huge help in relaying messages to the Police and keeping me updated on what was happening on the CCTV.”

Paul – Inspection & Maintenance Manager

“Luke and his team are great.”

Chris – Independent Alarm Installer

“Thank you for all your help. May I say that your problem solving and swift action is very refreshing. Thank you so much and thanks to ALL your team that work through the night also.”

Gwenn – Company Owner & Keyholder

“Thank you for your efficiency this morning, your call averted a potentially far worse situation. Two high voltage cables were overheating and smouldering causing a power loss which in turn caused the Alarm Panel to signal the system failure. Your call then generated the response which got people on site in time before a fire started and the situation got worse. Once again many thanks, a job well done.”

Alan – Security Manager

“I would just like to say I am very impress at how quickly your operators answer the phone. It always amazes me how the bigger ARCs get this wrong.”

Jeffrey – Independent CCTV Installer

DMS’s Monthly Alarm Response Stats – British Standard Target 98.5% Answered Within 180s

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