Wireless security technology works in protecting void properties

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Using the unique totally wireless RSI Videofied video alarm system Delta Monitoring Services successfully prevented a possible reoccupation by squatters in Bristol of an large empty Georgian town house and other attached buildings close to the city centre.

At 10:16 a.m. on the 22nd May 2012 our own Alarm Receiving Centre received an alarm signal followed by the 10 sec video clip of the intruder carrying out a recognisance of the building which was previously occupied by squatters believed to be part of the occupied movement. Delta was part of the multi agency team to evict the squatters and have been guarding the premises with the Videofied system ever since.

Delta ARC operators dispatched our own mobile response patrol, called the police and informed the client within one minute of receiving the alarm signal. Police arrived on the scene within 10 minutes of our call; followed closely by Kingdom Security mobile response officer and client. They accessed the building forcing the intruder to flee over the roof tops.

The owner of the building was extremely grateful for Delta Security’s prompt efficient response. He said that without Delta the building could have been reoccupied or damaged preventing its development into a facility that will benefit the local community and providing affordable accommodation in the centre of Bristol causing considerable cost and delay.

Meirion Isaac Operation Director of DMS said “this proves the reliability of technology coupled with a rapid response capability to remotely protect void property works. The Videofied alarm system is cost efficient alternative to manned guarding and this incident proves this.”

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