DMS Help To Protect Bar

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DMS were approached by the owners of an independent bar in Bristol. The client had an existing (non-monitored) audible intruder alarm system. They were having a problem when staff locking up at the end of the night were occasionally failing to properly set the alarm leaving the premises unprotected throughout the night, until discovered the next morning when the Duty Manager arrived to open up.

Due to the insurance liability, the potentially significant financial loss, let alone the business disruption that would have been caused if there premises had been broken in to, the owners asked DMS to supply an solution to their problem, giving them the piece of mind, that after a busy night, their takings and the property was safe and secure.

DMS suggested that if they had their alarm panel monitored by our ARC, we would be able to automatically tell if their intruder alarm system had been set by an agreed stated time or not, and if the alarm had not been set, we could take appropriate action by referring to a client driven escalation process with agreed numbers to call (Action Plan).

The owners agreed that this would solve their problem and wished for us to proceed with making arrangement. As they did not have an existing alarm installer providing maintenance on their CCTV, we put them in touch with a few local installers in their area from our customer database.

Once the chosen installer installed the dual path signalling device and full testing was complete DMS were able to monitor their intruder and fire alarm system within seconds, and were then able to supply them with reports of what times their system was being set and unset and also inform them at the time if their alarm system had not been set stopping incidents where the premises would remain unprotected throughout the night.

If you would like to talk to us about how we could help to protect your premisses then please call 0800 068 0875 today