National Multi-Site Integrated Monitoring Contract

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Helping to protect a national logistic operation



Our client is a leading world-wide logistics company, providing end-to-end design, implementation and operational capabilities in freight forwarding, contract logistics, transportation and distribution management.




They offer their customers a bespoke service tailored to specific needs, built on their formidable experience across a broad range of market sectors which security plays a big part.

Getting security fundamentals right


Security is a fundamental characteristic of a successful supply chain solution. Our client is committed to a clear, proactive approach to security and has invested substantially in secure facilities, vehicles and freight handling policies.



The need for change



This client identified a need to be more innovative, and cost efficient in the way they protected their operation.  Through researching innovative technologies, they sourced a more user friendly and proficient security system that better support their needs and reduced the high cost of manned guarding and manual based processes to control access, egress and surveillance of their operating depots.



Our solution




Delta Monitoring Services (DMS) is fully compliant alarm receiving centre (ARC) and a remote video receiving centre (RVRC) that is different to your conventional monitoring centres who handle thousands of alarm signals.  DMS was created to provide a dedicated, managed and fully integrated remote monitoring service, specifically to carry out total (or partial) 24/7 security control of remote sites


DMS was able to work closely with our national logistic partner help them to consolidate all the sites that operated one or other security system i.e. intruder, fire, CCTV, access control etc,  to link or signal to our monitoring centre. Together we agreed workable protocols to remotely manage all their security systems for the purpose of response to verified true alarm activation and processes for remote access and egress control purposes

How can you consolidate?




DMS were also able to facilitate a quick seamless takeover of  sites currently being monitored by different monitoring station and contract periods by agreeing to monitor free of charge, all connections until the sites came online and the existing contract periods had all expired.


Benefits to you


Savings of over £300,000, in out of hours labour and outsourced manned guarding costs allowed our client to invest in state of the art CCTV and access control systems which not only saved money but improved the efficiency of record keeping at the point of entry to their operation centres, but also improved the expediency of vehicles and people securely and safely accessing and egressing their sites.


If you would like to talk to us about how we could help to protect your premisses then please call 0800 068 0875 today