Wireless Rapid Response System catches 3 burglars

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In Feb 2014, our client requested a Rapid Response Alarm System (RSI) to be fitted in a void property to prevent cable theft and damage. On the second night, the system, which consists of wireless alarm PIR sensors with a built in camera on each, that send a 10 second burst of video as well as the alarm signal, to identify exactly what triggered the sensor.

Three people were seen via the RSI video alarms to enter the building illegally and the police were called. The police with the assistance of the force helicopter apprehended two of the suspects and then left. Our operator insisted that there was still one suspect at large in the building, but the helicopter’s infra-red could not detect them. The police requested the fire brigade to attend and deploy their thermal imaging equipment, upon which the third suspect was apprehended hiding under the insulation in the loft space.

This cost effective, accurate and reliable system can be deployed in any environment, any conditions, outside or inside and monitored for less than £190.00 (net VAT) per week (including installation and recovery). The cost of an average security guard for a week would be over £1000.00

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