Advice on protecting commercial property from squatters.

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It is now illegal for squatters to occupy residential property but this does not include commercial properties!

Commercial property owners in the UK could find their empty or infrequently used property is occupied by squatters due to a change in the law, lawyers are warning.

‘The advice being given by groups which support squatting now indicates that they are looking to actively target commercial property and their removal from it remains primarily a civil matter and therefore the responsibility of the property owner, who will need to take legal action to recover the property.

‘This is both time consuming and costly to do and whilst the intention behind the new law was to protect home owners, it has pushed the problem towards the business community and there is in many areas a lot of empty commercial property around for squatters to choose from.’

‘Property which is both a residential and a commercial property should be considered particularly at risk and groups supporting squatters are advising them to only occupy the parts of the building that are classed as commercial.’

An example, an empty shop or pub with a flat above it. It is possible that squatters could claim not to be living in the residential part of the building and the police would be powerless to intervene.

With the proliferation of the Occupy movement and organisations like SHAG whom are using social media can notify hundreds of people in a matter of seconds when they find void commercial property.

Time is not on commercial property owner’s side so the need to act fast is imperative.

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