DMS & The OnGarde Duo Tower Has Been Credited With Another Victory

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Delta Monitoring Services and The OnGarde Duo Tower has been credited with another victory in the battle against crime on a construction site.

On the 14th March at around 10pm on a site protected by the OnGarde Duo CCTV Tower and monitored by Delta Monitoring Services, a potential theft of a site dumper was thwarted when the likely thief was detected by the OnGarde CCTV system.

Upon DMS receiving  the alarm the clients set out protocol was followed. Within moments of the alert the individual in question was issued a live audible warning by an DMS operator, this single warning was enough to ensure the individual left site before he could complete the theft.

Without OnGarde’s presence on site and the quick reactions of Delta Monitoring Services operators, the potential thief would almost certainly have been successful, but it is the next morning when staff arrived on site that the real cost would have been counted. The day’s work could not have started as scheduled, a replacement machine would have needed to be found, the police would have to have been notified and staff on and off site would have spent valuable time dealing with the incident. As a result of OnGarde being on this site none of this happened and no time or profit was lost.

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