Introducing innoVi

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innoVi is a video analytics Software as a Service (SaaS) that delivers accurate, automatic, real-time detections of security breaches at remote sites with immediate video verification. innoVi enables an increased level of security, without requiring an increase in the number of security staff.

innoVi automatically detects security breaches such as perimeter intrusion and unauthorized access to facilities and generates alarms in real-time, enabling rapid responses as incidents unfold. The alarms can be sent to Delta Monitoring, accompanied by a video clip showing the security breach. The video clip enables immediate verification, and supports the response and action requirements of both the CMS / ARC and police.


  • Highly accurate real-time intrusion detections and minimal false alarms
  • Immediate video verification
  • Simple deployment and maintenance, no calibration or complex configuration required
  • Seamlessly integrates with wide range of surveillance cameras and alarm automation software
  • Pay-per-use monthly billing model

Video Analytics SaaS Built for the Central Monitoring Market: Detect, Verify and Act, Rather than Simply Record

Based on Deep Learning technology, innoVi’s self-learning algorithms offer exceptional precision, providing highly accurate real-time detections of security breaches with minimal false alarms, even in the most challenging weather and lighting conditions. innoVi is out-of-the-box ready, offering easy setup, implementation and maintenance – crucial for large-scale deployments across thousands of distributed remote sites. innoVi can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of surveillance cameras and alarm automation software, plus cameras can be innoVi-enabled within minutes, with no calibration or complex configuration required.

Powered by the Cloud

innoVi’s cloud-based architecture allows the central management of analytics across all deployments, and is highly scalable, supporting an unlimited number of cameras. Upgrades are seamlessly performed by Agent Vi via the cloud platform as and when required, enabling immediate access to new features and functionalities. innoVi is accessible from anywhere at any time, requiring only a standard web browser.

Supported Cameras for innoVi

innoVi supports any fixed IP / analog camera, by connecting with innoVi Edge, a compact appliance with pre-loaded Agent Vi software,that connects any ONVIF / RTSP fixed IP camera from a remote site network to innoVi, enabling the benefits of cloud-based video analytics to be conveyed directly to any camera regardless of make or model. innoVi Edge simplifies the installation process for new or take-over projects by giving installers one device type to work with regardless of the quantity or model of cameras at a given site. The appliance is available directly from Delta Monitoring Services.