Cloud Based Image Capture

Cloud Image Capture

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DMS offers via FTP, cloud storage for time lapse cameras. If you install Time Lapse Cameras on any of your sites, you can upload the images to the cloud via FTP where they are stored on our server. At the end of the project (or at intervals of your or your customers choosing) DMS can convert these still images into a short Time Lapse video for your client. Ideal for building/construction companies who would benefit from being able to watch their project grows

We provide the installation company with a URL along with a username and password (if required) to allow access to the folder to which files can be uploaded or downloaded. DMS do not accept liability for any loss of data resulting from clients actions.

For an additional fee DMS can also provide a weekly or monthly data backup service, where all data from the FTP server will be downloaded and stored on a secure HDD.