Emizon Monitoring

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About Emizon

Formed in 2001, Emizon developed the first secure, managed, intruder dual-path alarm and CCTV communications monitoring service designed for broadband/IP networks.

With offices in the UK, The Netherlands, USA and Australia and a licensed partnership in Russia, Emizon technology enables users to embrace the benefits of IP networks. These provide improved functionality, flexibility and cost effectiveness. They can also enhance security far beyond the capabilities of traditional dual-path signalling and services.

With a worldwide installation figure approaching 20,000 installations, Emizon can connect to all major Alarm Software suppliers.

Emizon as a company is certified to ISO standard 9001.

Emizon TCD’s conform to the highest Grade 4 EN signalling standards and supports monitoring of CCTV connectivity to BS8418 standard. Emizon has achieved EU certification EN50136-1 January 2012.

Emizon systems can be found installed with many major UK retailers, Universities, NHS Trusts and various Local Authorities.

Key Benefits

Save Money – Emizon offers substantial financial savings when compared to equivalent legacy signalling services. No need for dedicated PSTN fixed line alarm signalling and associated call charges.

Greater Security – Dual path monitoring provides the most secure and reliable signalling available today. Uses your existing broadband connection for an ‘always-on’ link between your alarm system and monitoring centre and provides total security because broadband connections are constantly monitored.

Flexibility – Works with any broadband service, GPRS network and phone line.

Easy to deploy, cost-effective to manage  – Emizon fits seamlessly into modern alarm panels. Enables your alarm company to manage and maintain your system without unnecessary call-outs and charges.

Fully Approved – Meets the exacting requirements of the security industry, insurance companies and police services. Emizon has been independently tested and passed for compliance with the highest Grade 4 EN signalling standards and the latest EU standards.

Telemetry Communications Device TCD

The only communications device you’ll need. The same TCD can be used with Grade 2, 3 and 4 EN signalling and connects to the control panel via pins, serial connections or dial capture.  With the option of monitoring in 3 combinations to ensure all signalling requirements are covered.

  • IP & GPRS
  • IP & PSTN

The TCD can be used with dynamic and static IP addressing and, because it uses TCP/IP outbound communications only, it does not interfere with the inbound firewall security settings.  Any problems and our 24/7 technical desk is there to help.

The TCD establishes secure ‘always on’ IP connections to the Monitoring Centre  using broadband/IP as the primary fixed or wired network, and GPRS as the secondary wireless path. Both paths are fully managed across the Emizon Service Platform. With the GPRS and PSTN option, GPRS is use as the primary and PSTN as the secondary path.  Again both paths are managed across the Emizon Service Platform. Finally with the IP and PSTN option, the broadband/IP is the primary or wired network and PSTN the secondary path

Key Benefits

  •  EN signalling Grade 2, 3 and 4
  •  IP, GPRS and PSTN network connectivity
  • Vodafone, Orange, O2 and T-mobile
  •  Upload/download (UDL) for online panel maintenance
  •  Online site diagnostics
  •  Pins, serial connections and dial capture
  •  24/7 technical help desk on 0844 412 9009




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