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Delta Monitoring Services Ltd Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Who is Delta Monitoring Services?

 A: Delta Monitoring Services (DMS) is a totally independent (meaning we have no affiliations to any Alarm or CCTV Company) family run Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) & Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC). We used to be a part of Delta Security Ltd, who where a Manned Guarding and Key holding company who decided that in 2010, because of the way the security industry was moving, to stay more in the game an ARC was needed to be built. In September 2012 Delta Security Ltd was bought out by a larger Manned Guarding and Keyholding company though they did not want to purchase the ARC/RVRC.  So DMS was born, same location, same management team, just a different name.

Q2: What is DMS’s area of operation?

 A: We are based in Bristol but as to the nature of how we receive communications and signals (over Phone Lines, Internet, GPRS etc.) means we can monitoring sites not only from anywhere in the UK but anywhere in the world.

 Q3: What are your monitoring charges?

 A: Our prices depend on various factors, signalling device, signalling grade,  type of monitoring  and contract period to name a few. We do know that our prices are very competitive and realistic also we are always happy to work with installers on pricing when it comes to multisite migrations. If you wish to speak to our sales department please call 0800 068 0875.

 Q4: So you are not associated with any Alarm Installation Company what so ever?

 A: In a word No, Alarm and CCTV Installers are our customers and that’s it. We do sometimes get asked through sales calls etc. if we do or can we do an installation, our answer is always no but we can and do put potential end-users in touch with our Installer customers in that area, the choice for what installation company to use is then always down to the end users choice.

 Q5. Do I need accreditations or be registered to the same governing body to use DMS?

A: No, we as a truly independent ARC, we will work with all sizes and kinds of installation company. If you need premises monitored then we can help. The only point to bear in mind is that the Police will only issue a Unique Reference Number (URN), to accredited installation companies using an accredited BS5979 Category 2 ARC.         

 Q6: Can you recommend an installer in my area?

 A: Yes, installers make up the majority our client/customer data base, which means we can put you in touch with several, so you can choose who to work with.   

 Q7: I’m an End User could I order monitoring directly from you?

 A:  Yes, but you will need to get your existing Alarm or CCTV installer to put in place the “set up” or transfer of the connection to us. If you are looking for a completely new system to be installed and monitored but don’t have an existing installer, you can receive the monitoring direct form us, and we can give you several installers to choose from.

Q8: Can I visit the Alarm Receiving Centre?

 A: Yes, we encourage potential and existing customers alike to come along and visit us by appointment.  You will get to meet the team face to face and we feel that this helps build relationships and as the saying goes “it’s always good to put a face to the name”.  Please be aware however that we are a 24hr security provider and strict access protocols and procedures will apply to protect ours and our customers interested. During your visit we will be pleased to demonstrate our services.

 Q9: What else is there at your ARC?

We also have conference and training rooms facilities available, if you would like to use our facilities to pitch to potential clients, hold a training course or perhaps hold one of your regular meetings here? The facilities are available to our customers free of charge, and provide an ideal opportunity to tie in with a tour of the ARC/RVRC and meet the DMS team.

 Q10: What do you do when you receive an alarm from mine or my customers system?

 A: In short whatever you ask us to do. We react as per your set and agreed “action plan”

 Q11: Why should I chose DMS what makes you different to other ARC’s

 We are family-run, privately owned and a totally independent ARC. This means we can offer you and your clients a more personal service then most ARC’s. Customer services to us is key in everything we do and our installers are more “partners” then customers. We absolutely have no affiliation with any installation company what so ever. There are some ARC’s who claim this, but when you look further into the matter, this is not strictly true.  At DMS we are clear, ethical and completely transparent.

 Q12: We are not overly technical, can you help in some areas?

Our technical support team will be delighted to offer basic first line support where possible, and will work with you if you have any issues with your regards to your system and signalling, we are always looking to provide a solution.