Intruder & Fire Alarm Monitoring

Intruder and Fire Alarm Monitoring

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Fire Alarm and Intruder Alarm monitoring is the backbone of the electronic security industry. Delta Monitoring Services ensure a rapid response to any alarm activation. In the event of a fire or intrusion, the alarm system sends a signal automatically to the ARC within second where our trained operators then handle the alarm and call the appropriate response immediately.

Our BS 5979 (Cat II) Alarm Receiving Centre is capable of monitoring the majority of alarm platforms in the UK. Whether it be a standard security alarm system to freezers in a Supermarket or Gas Detectors in live or void properties, if you can get it to signal then we can monitor it.

In some case where an intruder alarm incorporates visual verification technology such as RSI Videofied, Visonic systems or is complemented by CCTV, DMS can use these images to further aid in the response to an alarm.