Remote Access Control

Remote Access Control

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Using DMS for remote access control means that you or your customer can save money traditionally spent on manned guarding solutions.

Remote Access Control for Logistics & Distribution Centres

When a delivery arrives at the main gate or barrier, by simply pressing an intercom button, they will be directly linked into our Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC), their details verified against the delivery matrix provided /or other agreed procedure. If all is verified, the gate or barrier is raised remotely (typically through relays on the onsite DVR), while we watch the delivery safely navigate into the distribution yard.

If a delivery drivers details do not check out, in accordance with an agreed procedure which we have been provided, they will be asked to back away from the site and will be refused entry. These services coupled with site wide 2-Way audio and CCTV patrols put a virtual security officer on site for the fraction of the cost compared to a per annum manned guarding charge (normally £80k for 1 x guard 24/7).

Remote Access Control for Office’s

Typically for office’s with multiple departments or companies when a visitor visiting site or a staff member who has forgotten their pass arrives, DMS can inform an appointed contact of their arrival, check their   legitimacy and handle their access including directions on where to go via txt and or verbal directions saving you considerable amount of money per annum on a dedicated receptionist.

If you would like to know more about this service then please call 0800 068 0875