RSI Videofied Monitoring

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Videofied System dramatically reduces False Alarms and Security Costs

The Videofied alarm system is truly unique and is effectively an alarm system with eyes, with video cameras built into the PIR detectors. When the PIR is triggered the onboard video camera instantly fires up and takes a 10 second video clip of the area covered by the PIR. The video is then instantly sent to a monitoring station where the operator can see exactly what activated the PIR and can organise an urgent response to a crime in progress or discount a false alarm.

What’s more the system is totally wire free:  the control panel and alarm devices are wireless and battery operated (up to 4 years battery life), and the communication back to the monitoring station is via a GPRS link from the panel. This means that a system can be set up in minutes with minimal installation time and cost.

The system incorporates both indoor and outdoor PIR cameras with built in IR illumination for day/night video capability.

The Videofied system is ideal for applications where false alarms are particularly costly or where police response is in danger of being withdrawn without a system upgrade. The system is also ideally suited to temporary and rapid response applications, where speed and ease of installation can often be an issue. Just some of the many application areas are listed below;

  • Construction sites
  • Vacant properties
  • Utilities and transport infrastructure
  • Other remote or vulnerable assets, e.g. storage containers, church roofs
  • Bolt on to an existing “blind alarm system” for video verification
  • Panic button verification
  • Mainstream residential and commercial applications

Videofied includes all of the peripherals that you would expect from a standard alarm system, including conventional PIRs, sirens, door contacts, and smoke detectors. In total up to 24 peripherals (including PIR cameras) can be integrated with one control panel.

The Videofied system was developed by French company, RSI Video Technologies, which was founded in Strasbourg in 2000. Videofied is now in its third generation and over 180,000 systems have been installed so far over in more than 40 countries.

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