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“WebWayOne introduces you to 3 revolutionary security products in one device for corporate, business, public sector and domestic security.”

Key benefits include:

  • Remove the cost of annual telephone line rentals for intruder, fire and property management
  • Reduce business interruption with remote diagnostics
  • Reduce site visits for key holders and engineers
  • Future proofed, using digital IP technology
  • Signalling failure detection in 3.5 minutes, ATS 5.
  • Improve security with dual path signalling
  • Fast alarm confirmation
  • Fast dual path failure detection
  • Audio verification over IP

WebWayOne provides a unique managed service to protect communications by detecting faults and measure performance in any network with real time remote diagnostics. We also provide a secure, communications network for servicing alarm panels without call charges.

WebWay provides a range of products to suit all risks, budgets and technologies.


WebWay IP/GPRS removes the need for a telephone line and can simultaneously send alarms, monitor the network and securely service the alarm panel remotely at a fixed annual price.

The WebWay solution removes the need for separate telephone lines and call charges by using a shared broadband service. The use of WebWay IP/GPRS allows for a higher quality of information to be sent at a lower cost than PSTN, including zones, key fob IDs and site specific information.

In order to ensure the quickest response to site, the WebWay continuously monitors the networks and reports dual path failures to the ARC in 3.5 minutes, LPS1277 ATS 5.

The WebWay can share the broadband with other services such as voice and internet, without interrupting security. During a remote service session, there are no delays to alarms and no need to disconnect.

The WebWay allows for the integration of additional applications including audio verification, fire, temperature, DVR tamper and Adpro CCTV delivering all your data to your chosen alarm receiving centre.”

Key Factors:

  • Integrated intruder, fire, audio and property management signals
  • IP and GPRS communications, monitored 24 hours a day
  • Serial data interface to alarm panel, advanced alarms and service
  • Up to 48 channels, fridge, temperature etc
  • 3 controllable outputs
  • Activated SIM and GPRS contract, all inclusive
  • Antenna upgrades include roaming at no additional ongoing charges
  • Engineer support, performance reports


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